I am still reeling in the idea that I am able to join this amazing project and team. The new members of the May departure to Vietnam have been selected! We all worked very hard through our application and interview process and the efforts have paid off.

Four were selected to travel to Hanoi and one was selected to be the back up but more importantly a member of the team on the home front. Maggie and Emily are in the Outdoor Rec program and Hedieh, Sabrina and I are in the Tourism Management program.

Our first meeting was on Thursday and it was an opportunity for me to meet everyone. I had not met any of the girls prior to the interview process and now we all get to work and experience this journey together.  We met with Chris and Stephanie and after a quick set of introductions, we jumped head first into the project.

We have been given homework over winter break, which is not something any of us mind, as we are beyond excited to start. Readings, Bio writing and figuring out social media, HTML codes and google+ are just the beginning. As a non-twitter conformer, it may be time to join the dark side and learn this growing trend.

This winter break is going to be the first step in the countless hours of preparation for us prior to departure in May.

There might be some exciting news to follow in the New Year regarding our trip, make sure to keep up to date with the newest news and blogs that we will be posting!

One semester left sitting between us and an airplane traveling over the Pacific!