Chris in Lao Chai speaking with Khu

Chris in Lao Chai speaking with Khu


A grad from Capilano University’s Tourism Management Degree Program, and most recently one of Capilano University’s newest tourism instructors, Chris isn’t letting up his ambitious pace and continues to find new ways to challenge himself. From being involved in a variety of community-based volunteer efforts in Vietnam and Paraguay, to working with sea turtles in Central America, to taking on various roles in Whistler and Vancouver, he is continually discovering new venues to increase his skills and knowledge in the field of tourism.

His last contract, working for a Canadian NGO (Sustainable Cities) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, saw him in a facilitator’s role working with private and public sector to drive the creation of the city’s Destination Management Organization. The opportunity opened a new realm of tourism and has developed Chris’ interests into the area of urban planning and public engagement. He is intrigued in the power of tourism and strives to find the formula to harness its potential to do good. He is also completing a Master of Arts in Community Development at the University of Victoria.

Chris is honoured to join a diverse team of volunteers and organizations for the new PATA / Capilano University project that will work collectively with small communities in Sapa to build capacity and better manage the opportunities that tourism can bring.

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