cleo stratton, STUDENT VOLUNTEER

Cleo has always expressed a desire to travel and to experience the world's many cultures. Growing up in the UK has enabled her to travel extensively through Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean; however, it was her trip to India, when she was 15 that fuelled her passion to learn about the traditions and customs of communities that are so different from her own. She has since travelled through China, Hong Kong and across Canada and the United States. She enjoys the hiking, sailing, kayaking, and spending time at her family cottage in Howe Sound, British Colombia. She also loves to cook and to try new recipes and takes pleasure in experiencing new cuisines from around the world.

Cleo is entering her 4th year at Capilano University in the Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree Program. She currently is working as a server in a popular restaurant in Vancouver and greatly enjoys her position as it involves constantly meeting new and interesting people. In the future, Cleo is hoping to work in community development and planning and is therefore thrilled to be a new team member of the University’s CBT Vietnam project where Community- Based Tourism is the focal point. She feels that with empowerment and training of the local people of the community, sustainable development can be achieved. Cleo is ready to dedicate herself fully to the project and is excited to work alongside her team members to further CBT Vietnam’s success.