An estimated 450 people participated in training including members from Black Hmong, Red Dao and Giay ethnic minorities.

Nearly 50 authentic cultural homestays have been set up in 4  villages: Lao Chai, TavanTaphin and Giang Ta Chai

We've also trained over 60 tour guides in the Sapa region who supplement the homestay product with trekking tours to the villlages. 

English and Vietnamese language skills have been improved in the villages enabling improved communication between host communities, Vietnamese tour operators and tourists. 

Income/revenue generated by some individuals in the village has increased from US $500/year to US $2,400/year.

Approximately 60 students and faculty from Canada have volunteered for the project in Vietnam as well as approximately 40 student and faculty volunteers from Hanoi Open University 

Lo May from Taphin village - was awarded a scholarship to study Tourism Management at Capilano University. Lo May went on to lead a project that raised over US $12,500 to develop a village market in her home village. Her project won the top prize at LinkBC's Project Change Competition in 2014.

7 videos have been produced to share the stories of the project since 2005. The videos have been shown to hundreds of people at special events and have received over 50,000 online views.

Winner of 4 international awards: PATA Grand Award for Education and Training (2014): finalist in Wild Asia's Responsible Tourism Awards (2015); finalist Tourism INnSPIRE Awards (2015); SKAL Sustainable Tourism Award (2016).

We're honoured