Working together to build and strengthen the capacity of local ethnic minorities, small business owners, village governments, and communities as a whole. 

The PATA Foundation and Capilano University have formed a long lasting partnership in an effort to deliver tourism training to two ethnic minority villages: Taphin and Lao Chai in the Sapa region of Northern Vietnam.

Since August 2010, a new set of projects and training programs built off a previous five-year project (2002-2007). The project model sees Capilano University volunteer faculty, students, and alumni working with Hanoi Open University faculty and students on programs that build and strengthened the capacity of the local ethnic minorities, small business owners, village government, and communities as a whole.

Presently, the project aims to enhance training in the Hmong community of Lao Chai. Similar to the program implemented  with the Red Dao community in Taphin, the project facilitates critical relationships and partnerships between the private sector and community members. In order to see true sustainability, the project has withdrawn from Taphin to allow the Red Dao community to develop and maintain these relationships on their own. Both projects focus on working with village youth, women and community leaders to find proactive solutions and mitigate the harmful impacts that tourism can bring.

This site also provides travelers and tourists to the Sapa region with relevant travel information on possible options for trekking tours, in addition to a Sapa travel forum. For more information about the homestays in Sapa, please visit the new Homestays page. Additionally, travelers should check out the Resources in order to learn more about responsible, sustainable tourism that is the heart and soul of this project.

international recognition

The CBT Vietnam project is honoured to be recognized in a number of forums for its work in education and training, responsible tourism, and community based tourism. 

The UNEP and RPSC's Tourism InSPIRE Awards are given to organizations and initiatives that exemplify use and application of sustainable consumption approaches: resource efficiency, value chain approach, eco-innovation, sustainable consumption, sustainability reporting, community action, cultural heritage, and collective impact. 

The CBT Vietnam project is honoured to be selected as a finalist for the 2015 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award for Most Inspiring Responsible Tourism InitiativeCongratulations to all of the other entries, finalists and winners. It is truly an honour to be a part of this group working hard to create a better form of tourism in Asia and beyond. Read more about the awards and finalists here.


In September 2014, Capilano University and the CBT Vietnam Project were awarded the 2014 PATA Grand Award for Education and Training. We are all incredibly honoured and share this accolade with so many individuals, communities and organizations. Thank you to everyone who has been involved with the project from its inception.



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