Justina’s passion in travel has always been synonymous with the concept of exploration. At 15, she embarked on her first trip abroad to learn Spanish in Mexico. For two weeks, she lived with the Hernandez family and for two weeks, she learned to communicate with ten Spanish words and a whole lot of hand gestures. Despite a couple of terrifying moments, she realized that she loved being uncomfortable. That trip became a defining moment in her life.

Outside of her traveling life, Justina is a 4th year student at Capilano University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management (BTM). She also has several years of industry experience under her belt at many different companies, from a giant like the Walt Disney World Company in Florida, to smaller luxury establishments like the Boutique Opus Hotel in downtown Vancouver. She discovered that surrounding herself in those industries through work, education and leisure has helped her gain perspective on the backstage mechanics, and it has undoubtedly been a huge advantage when exploring new horizons.

Justina is ecstatic to be a part of the 2016 CBT Vietnam team, and is more than ready to play a role in this project’s success alongside her teammates.