Marina galay-bott, student volunteer

Marina has always had a keen interest in travel and experiencing new places. That passion began at the age of 11 when she travelled to Peru with her mother for an incredible five week journey. With her love for travel combined with a fascination of different cultures and a desire to share the world's natural beauty has brought her towards a career in the tourism industry. Currently, Marina is working at the Rocky Mountaineer Train Co. and entering her 3rd year at Capilano for the Tourism Management Degree program. She is eager to take in as much knowledge and experience possible to be able to share the benefits of what the tourism industry has to offer. Marina has a strong belief that through tourism and travel people from around the world can gain a greater respect for cultures that are different from their own, in hopes of creating a more welcoming and inclusive society. 

In Marina's spare time she enjoys being out in nature either hiking, biking or spending time with friends. She is tremendously excited to be one of the newest members of the CBT Vietnam team and is ready to put her all into this project!