mia Chiappetta McCannel, student volunteer

Mia’s passion for travel began at an early age, and was the driving force guiding her to the Bachelor of Tourism Management degree program at Capilano University.  Now, as a third year student, Mia is eager to continue learning about responsible tourism development and is thrilled to be apart of the CBT Vietnam team.  She brings forth a vast educational skill set, in addition to extensive experience working and volunteering within the tourism industry.  Throughout her travels in over 12 countries, Mia has been exposed to a variety of cultural backgrounds. From these travels, she has gained an understanding of the importance of tourism and the positive role that it can play in developing communities. 

Mia’s enthusiasm for life is evident from her positive attitude, and genuine smile.  She is passionate about living a healthy, active lifestyle, and can be seen exploring the great outdoors in her spare time. With her determination, willingness and desire to learn, Mia is a valuable asset to any team.  She looks forward to working alongside her CBT teammates and hopes to generate further project success in Vietnam.

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