elevation - 1500 meters

population - 138,000

location - lao cai province

Welcome to Sapa! Located in the Viet Nam’s northern province of Lao Cai, Sa Pa was developed almost one hundred years ago as a mountain retreat for the French colonists. Today, the region has become a colourful mosaic of culture, ethnic markets, and inspiring landscapes can be easily reached by an overnight train ride from Ha Noi.

Sa Pa is a favorite destination on Viet Nam’s tourist list. Beyond the tourist centre lie a multitude of trekking opportunities and the ethnic villages where the homes of many of Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities are found.. These include: Black H’mong, Dao, Day, Tay, and Thai.

Tourism has played a contentious role in the growth of Sapa throughout its entire history. As in most tourist destinations both negative and positive impacts are evident. As tourism continues to develop safeguards and proper training will be crucial in the sustainability of both the ecology of Sa Pa and the integrity of its ethnic minorities.