The small village of Taphin is a 20 minute drive or 4 hour trek from Sapa, and has become a popular spot for day trekkers. At the entrance to the village, tourist vans and buses park and are greeted by numerous Red Dao street sellers. The majority of visitors passing through Taphin make the short round-trip through the centre of the village to a cave at the other end of town (See map).

Predominantly a Red Dao village, there is a small commune of Black Hmong on the west side of the valley. These groups have lived in this area for four hundred years and have sculpted the terraced landscapes and created irrigation routes for agriculture. They have planted the corn and forged the web of paths that get you to and from their homes and fields. 

To find more information visit the Taphin community website, originally created for the village by Footprint Vietnam Travel.

Taphin offers visitors a truly authentic hill tribe experience. More than that, the Red Dao are some of the most welcoming people you may every meet. The homestays listed below represent varying types of  experiences, but all are very friendly and welcoming.