ethnic groups: Giay, Red Dao, hmong, kinh

Once a quiet village with a mix of Dao, Hmong and Giay, the growth of the tourism industry has brought many changes to people of Tavan. Tourism now plays an integral yet somewhat boisterous role in the community, having both positive and negative impacts. The people of Tavan have experienced the direct effects of this significant economic generator and they have successfully built their capacity to manage this growth.

Currently there are rapid changes taking place, effecting the urban layout, houses, people, and culture. There is a positive outlook for the future of Tavan and it is hoped that a balance is maintained between tourism and the community that is conducive to its people and culture.

Although Tavan has not been selected as a target village for training in this PATA / Capilano Project, it was selected in the previous CIDA funded project, and is a key stakeholder to the region’s  tourism cluster.