Once a quiet village with a mix of Dao, Hmong and Giay, the growth of the tourism industry has brought many changes to people of Tavan. Tourism now plays an integral yet somewhat boisterous role in the community. Currently there are rapid changes taking place, affecting the urban layout, houses, people, and culture. The people of Tavan have experienced the direct effects of this significant economic generator and have successfully built up capacity to manage this growth.

Tavan has become the most popular trekking destination in all of Sapa. The Giay (Day) ethnic minority has truly been entrepreneurial and industrious in retrofitting their homes to offer a place for trekkers to spend the night. It is not uncommon for Tavan to have 25 or more homestays being occupied with groups as large as 10 tourists.

With tourist numbers always increasing, the future of this area as a destination might be in hands of the tourist. We offer numerous resources on this site to learn how you can contribute to a more sustainable tourism industry in Tavan, such as the code of ethics.