We continue to receive support from several organizations and people. Over the last year (2015) in particular there have been a few organizations that have made contributions that are worthy of special acknowledgement:

The Sofitel Metropole Hanoi has donated room and board to the women of Taphin and Lao Chai on several occasions. Most recently, in August, the Sofitel welcomed 11 Hmong women from Lao Chai offering them four free rooms for two nights. Further, the Sofitel has made efforts to create and promote a Highlanders' Market in the hotel's courtyard on the nights the women stay at the hotel. The stay was extravagant, educational and welcoming.

The Vietnam Backpacker Hostels have welcomed the CBT Vietnam team in Sapa and Hanoi on numerous occasions. In August they also welcomed the Hmong women from Lao Chai with free room and board at their Hanoi Original Hostel location. We would like to thank the hotel and the staff for sharing what a true hostel experience is like to our Hmong friends.

Footprint Vietnam Travel continues to give us special project rates for our travel services when we visit Vietnam. They are also the first to connect and partner with the communities that we work with. Further, they have donated transport for our project trips when we have brought our village friends to Hanoi. 

In August 2015 the Vietnam Women's Museum welcomed our 11 Hmong women to the museum with a free tour. The experience, led by in-house guide Ms. Thao, was educational and eye-opening. 

Sapa Eden Hotels, located in Sapa, has continued to give us the best rates on transport and accommodation when we stay in Sapa. Their continued support (often last minute) has not been forgotten.